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Ourstory began with the founder Aditya Gaddam’s direct experience as a banker using Client Coverage process. He experienced a sub-optimal Client Coverage automation that only increased work complexity.

The manual processes combined with the disparate proprietary solutions provided the users with a clunky solution with no standardization. It only magnified the inefficiency of the process leading to high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Fully automated Client Coverage SaaS

  • Relationship
  • Structure
  • Underwrite

IX Labs recognizes that Client Coverage is one of the most important functions of the bank to Relationship Manage Corporate clients while planning Revenue and Risk. Hence, we end-to-end Client Coverage process in the cloud to enhance the functioning of Model Developers, RMs, Analyst Approvers and many others across the Commercial and Wholesale Banking LOBs.



Our single, cloud-based Client Coverage system spans across Banking and Trading books

Revenue and Risk planning Enhanced Customer lens Data analytics

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